Trainees Feedback

The 2 APT I experienced were great! It was the first time I actually saw it in the different security systems. Will definitely change the way I’m working.


Being shown the Stop and Quarantine and the Indicators page was very useful to know the tools we had to combat events in our OT infrastructure.

City Waste Water

For me it was great to see all the moving parts in real operations, to use all the security systems to actively interact with real hackers.


Incident Response - Principal Tactics

What will your team learn, gain and practice?

  • Battle-proven knowledge of cybersecurity investigation and monitoring tools designed and tested by our experts
  • Must-have skills required to be an effective first responder and perform a complete cyber incident investigation and evidence collection
  • Hacker perspective - priceless! How a typical hacker thinks, plans and acts including insights from a real hacker
  • Under real-fire practice through a one-of-a-kind team effort to mitigate a cyberattack
Upskill your team

Cybergym’s OT Experience

for utilities cyber security experts

What will your team learn, gain and practice?

  • Expertise, methodology and practical experience required to become a skilled First Responder or Incident Response team member in organizations that utilize ICS or OT systems
  • Proficiency in managing corporate security policies and ensuring compliance with standards and regulations
  • Execution of quality processes for evaluating the extent of damage and assigning of responsibilities
  • First-hand best practices to detect and mitigate real-life APTs in ICS environments
Upskill your team
Cybergym OT Experience

Among Our Customers

Brisbane City
Queensland Government
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Ambulance Victoria
City Waste Water
Yarra Valley Water

About CybergymIEC

Over the past century, the world has witnessed incredible technological advancement alongside a dramatic rise in cyber warfare. As a critical infrastructure company responsible for Israel’s power supply, IEC is one of the most targeted organizations in the world. This dubious honor led to the establishment of one of the most advanced cyber defense companies – CybergymIEC.

Leveraging the experience and knowhow gained by IEC as it defends against endless cyberattacks, we have created a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge training solutions, defense products, and value-added services. Taking into account the work environment and threat models faced by critical infrastructure companies, we ensure that people, products, and processes are prepared and ready to overcome the next attack.

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